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Thank you for supporting my truth ministry, which before I knew about non-humans in television and movies I had no ministry to speak of beside a small local flyer distribution. It has been a year and a half since I started uploading reptilian shapeshifter movies, and my channel has grown steadily to now 64,000 plus YouTube subscribers and 15 years worth of people watching monthly! This means more and more people are getting interested in this topic of non-human exposure, and more people are hearing about Jesus Christ and God's salvation who otherwise would not. Many people are interested in seeing non-humans, and many of these would not listen to a word Christian minister might say, but with this I am able to get the word to them because they are curious to know what my take on these aliens among us is. Many people simply laughed and scoffed at this shapeshifting footage, and Christians mocked and scorned, but more and more people seeing this are beginning to realize there is something to it, and as interest grows and they begin to feel with their hearts the truth they have denied until now, they come back and keep watching. The clarity and logic of the movies themselves is very important as many people remark how these type exposure movies tend look like crazy people seeing things that are not there, and that I think has made the difference with my exposure work. As this grew and I realized its importance I prayed to God to bless my ministry even more, and it has been growing rapidly.

With your continued support I will keep uploading these exposure movies and keep uncovering the truth that has been kept from us humans about the multitude of non-humans both out in the universe and living right here on earth. The secrecy has to stop, and apparently no one is willing or able to come forward, neither alien nor human, and tell the general population what is going on, but the evil Satan led world government is keeping everything secret from us so they can go on with their wicked usage of humans as slaves, food, and rape dolls, and when they have enough power, get rid of the majority of us and rule in their true form: hideous reptilians and insectoids and other beasts! I encourage everyone interested in the real truth, get the protection of Christ and start uploading, meeting, passing out flyers, everything we can to get the truth and the conversation out and often! The REAL David Icke was absolutely right about one thing: while we live our daily lives there are children and others being horribly tortured and eaten alive, because these reptilians crave live human meat. Furthermore however, God has given (at least the Jews) to be meat for these reptilian creatures, but everyone is a victim, so in reality sin is the biggest enemy we need to fight. For that God asks us to carefully and often read his word, and also pray in Christ's name, making your requests and supplications known to God. I learned from this that prayer is a powerful force against these monsters!

I can tell you for sure this exposure is effective due to the massive harassment I got from POLICE over it, but more importantly I myself having found who is really in all the movies and things I loved as a kid has woken me up to what these things really must be: evil and Satan! After seeing this and much else I have repented of watching their sex and violence and other movies filled with Satan's spirit and dragging my soul to hell, and so have many others turned their eyes away from these destructions once they see the truth of these monsters who are behind it. You may not know or believe, but I have seen firsthand and many people know that exposers of truth like Peggy Kane, Susan Reed, and David Icke were killed (David replaced by reptilian actor, that's not him), and I knew other reptilian exposers who suddenly disappeared and stopped uploading, or were taken over like David Icke and FrequencyFence. But not me, because they tried to kill me I believe several times, and learned the hard way I have the protection of God through my association with God's son Jesus Christ. Therefore as they cannot kill me, nor take me over, you know that by supporting my growing ministry I will keep uploading mind-changing video. Thank you for your support.