Richard Bruce Contact Guidelines


Since I started my channel and it unexpectedly grew very fast I have been inundated with people wanting to contact me personally, usually over the phone. Unfortunately the vast majority of these people turn out to be unpleasant in one way or the other, and I regret wasting my time. I have learned from experience to never give out my phone number or else idiots will call you all the time thus ruining that number and I have to very inconveniently change my phone number.

Many people who suffer from demonic gang stalking and are desperate for answers, help, and most often, an ear who will listen to them and not think they are crazy. I could not say convincingly that I feel for all of them and desire to help them, but frankly what I ran into leaves me wondering if all these people are sent by Satan to dishearten me from associating with people, because they turn out in most cases to impatient, non-listening or learning, rude, stupid, or cowards, and very often they are short a few marbles, that is their sanity is not quite all there, and this shows up in statements about things they have no good logic, much less proof to back up; and further are prideful in those beliefs to where if they are questioned they will either not listen or they get offended. In short there are a bunch of crazy, stupid, rude, prideful people that become targeted for various reasons that really do not want to listen or learn anything, they just want someone to whine to.

Well I am not a whining listening post, and I do not want to waste my time with enemies of God and haters of his word, and crazy people, and prideful people, and stupid people. Just not interested. I have met and talked with intelligent, reasonable, and sane people out there who have experienced this, even in my home town and around the world, so I know they exist. But another thing about TIs is that many of them do not want to go public, and that for legitimate reasons of losing their job or endangering their family, and I do not want to speak against them at all for this, however, my time here is limited, and if I spend it talking to someone I like to use it for the edification of others and the furthering of the cause of all TIs now and in the future to stop it. Therefore I decided early on that I am NOT interested in talking to people if they are not willing to put their face on camera and allow me to share it with the world, UNLESS, they want to pay consultation fee which will further my ministry effort. Therefore here are the guidelines I have for speaking with TIs or anyone wanting to share a supernatural / or paranormal event. Anyone attempting to talk to me without going by these guidelines will be ignored.

1. An email exchange is always required first, and I will NEVER speak with anyone without checking at least their ability to convey their situation with the written word.
2. You must be willing to go on camera, showing your face and voice to the world (notice I don't care if a fake name is used), so that people can see and judge for themselves your sanity and truthfulness, and so I can share this testimony with the world. Once the footage is shot it is mine and I will publish it if it turned out good, and one cannot request afterwards for me to not publish it, so think carefully what you say.
3. If you still would like to converse with me either in person or Skype (not by phone) but DO NOT want to go public, you must make a minimum non-refundable $50.00 donation via PayPal to my ministry in advance, which a PayPal account is free and easy to use, and I do not accept any other form of payment like Bitcoin or similar, or barter. If you cannot use PayPal then we cannot do business, unless you want to pay cash up front. That $50.00 covers a maximum of two hours, and I can cancel at my discretion if a person is rude or I think they are crazy, without refund.
4. As I find that EVERYTHING AND ALL POWER to do anything about being gang stalked is directly related to God and God's word, anyone not willing to listen to my Christian scriptural teaching will be dismissed, that is I will inform the person that listing to scriptural teaching is a key part of the conversation, and if they refuse to allow this or speak against it they have no business with me and I will hang up. A good thing to get if you do not have it already is eSword, a PC based King James bible you can get free here:
5. Any person I speak with must show basic manners like not interrupting too much, not cursing too much, not turning their head away, eating, or other low-class scum behavior, or I will immediately inform the person their behavior is unacceptable and hang up, WITH NO SECOND CHANCES. Period. (Trust me, if you have seen some of what I have you would understand this policy).

If these parameters are acceptable to you then please email me with a basic description of your story and wait for a reply. I encourage all TIs to not be afraid to go public, as this will actually make you more secure from possible assassination, but more importantly by making your information available you adding power to the movement to stop the enemy that is doing this to people. The more that this gang stalking is made public by rational sounding people, the more awareness and power there will be towards overthrowing the powers that be that are causing it. Don't be afraid of the camera! You get used to it the more you do it, and text and pictures do not do nearly as much toward actually changing people's minds about their reality, which is the whole point. I want you to join me, who am on the right and winning team, and do the good work, which is fighting the good fight, to free our world. Let's do it.

- Richard Bruce