Richard Bruce YouTube Channel Movie Commenting Guidelines

When I started this YouTube channel and uploaded my first reptilian shapeshifter analysis and was immediately gang stalked by police helicopters and ground vehicles, also at the same time I noticed that there came a flood of persons intent on discrediting any upload I made with everything from outright screaming to subtle discrediting combined with a compliment to hide it. I realize until you have experienced this yourself this explanation seems questionable, like an excuse to cover up criticism, but I realized with observation a deliberate effort to discredit my uploads via the comment section. What I realized was that the comment section is important to people in forming opinions about what they are seeing, and often the first few comments read are formative in people's opinions.

Therefore I turned on the YouTube comments approval option which allows a content provider to view and approve of any comments made before they appear under an uploaded movie. This also prevents people from having to read idiotic or profane comments people often make on-line where they do not have the courage to say it to your face because of cowardice, but even with the approval system turned on I began to notice an interesting tactic by the forces that want to minimize the effect of my channel. What they do, (and by "they" I mean demons dwelling in people, even Christians), is start a comments with something like, "O thank you for this great information, Oh you are so brave", but then follow it with, "Well that one thing looks like a camera error, not a paranormal effect." - which is a reasonable comment, no doubt, but what happens after such a comment is allowed is, a flood of people come in and thumbs up that particular comment containing the doubt-instilling element in it, thus causing it to rise to the top of the comments, and then is the first thing people read about the movie.

One observing that I block any such comment which might conclude I simply cannot take criticism or would not welcome an intelligent debate, but that is not the case. In the final analysis the effect is one of having a detrimental effect on the whole purpose of the upload for two reasons. One is the fact it is thumbed up a lot, making people think the comment is popular which makes it look right, and the second is the doubt in the subject matter or who is presenting it, causing a lack of salience in the entire message. So what I am saying is, I would be able to allow intelligent and civilized criticism and debate, if it were not for the tactic of the enemy of thumbs upping to the top of the comments any comment containing criticism or question of the material or presenter.

Here is a breakdown of what I allow and not in comments:


- Poor, broken, English, misspelled or punctuated comments, except for occasional typos which is common
- Stupid or off topic
- Promotion of a product or site (without telling what it is, or if it is trying to sell something)
- Any comment with distasteful profanity (an occasional tasteful use I will allow)
- Insults, uncivilized or unconstructive criticism
- misleading information, like "no aliens" or "flat earth", or the Bible is not true
- User icons with profane, disgusting, or Satanic words or images
- Comments that have only one or two words, like "lol"
- Scripture with no intelligent thing to say about it
- Comments from someone with a profane or clearly Satanic user name or icon


- INTELLIGENT comments
- Scriptural comments (with something intelligent and relative to the movie topic)
- Clean, properly punctuated and spelled English comments

Finally, do not worry too much about the comments section as in reality it does not impact too much on a smaller scale, and really I think it is mostly a waste of time. Often I just approve the first few comments then don't come back to it which means your comment will never be seen, so don't waste time on it. If it was not for the extra effort Satan puts into discrediting me I would not have to have approval turned on and I could just let it ride, but also there is a flood of idiots which can also make it look bad, so it is best to just keep them out. I like to comment at movies as well so I apologize for this blockage, but so far five years on this is the best I can think to do.