Anime Cafe
Rick Bruce November 15, 2016

This is an outline for a business plan for a chain of entertainment type cafes, specifically modeled in part on the Japanese concepts of pop art culture, namely anime and cosplay. The idea is modeled on the famous Japanese maid cafes both real and anime, where the attraction is the beautiful girls dressed in old English style maid outfits, or other fanciful outfits. The popularity and viability of these cafes is well established in Japan, but would the cafes be as popular in Western countries where anime and cosplay are not so mainstream, but a growing cult phenomena?

Statistics such as the Anime Expo AX attendance records and sales statistics of anime and related merchandise clearly growing and never reducing year by year, and evident from the fact that now bookstores such as Barns&Noble now have a complete section of manga (the Japanese name for comics). The reason is simple: there is something truly good about it, and why I will be a fan for life!

In a sense the anime cafe is a revolution against traditional Western ideals which many not being born into a culture such as Japanese realize they like the flavor or attitude of it. I would summarize it as ascribing importance to personal creative expression, and just the fun of fandom.

cosplay row For those not familiar, cosplay is the act of dressing up in various costumes and getting together for fun, which I think is way to bring the fantasy concepts of anime out into a real world expression. If there was a place besides the annual anime gatherings to do this it would be a revolution because what might be thought of as weird before, might now be a highly popular fashion, so popular even senior citizens might be seen wearing cosplay outfits!

A cafe is a coffee shop also serving various snacks, and with the usual tables and chairs, but will also have a stage area for photos or acting. Anime Cafes will be places that encourage artistic endeavors by being supportive of art creation and sharing at the cafe, plus seats and products, as well as activities to promote the joy of personal creative

expression. The Anime Cafe is a place people can come any time in their cosplay outfits and find a friendly environment, and there will also be events when people can come at specific times for theme plays, fashion contests, or other activities.


The cafe revenue will be from the sale of beverages and foods, but also from specialized partnerships in related products such as anime and manga, art supplies, toy and hobby producers, and select clothing manufacturers, wherein said merchandise interests will be continually propositioned to buy advertising space and promotions at the cafe. There may also be a premium membership offered, a photo
and video service, internet access, and authorized entertainment showings. The money is there, with the right policies to bring it in.

Obtain capitol for a pilot cafe which includes:
- Rental of space for pilot cafe (about $5-7,000 monthly)
- Hire of chief financial officer (starting 35k), store manager/sales(30k), and 3-4 employees (25k)
- Obtain food server license
- Cafe serving area and furniture (roughly 20k)
- Basically need $100,000 to get started

If you are interested or have idea about this, please contact me, Rick Bruce at