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"HOVER HANGER" 4" X 6" Post card,original anime art by Richard Bruce $4.00 US. Just a little something I whipped up from my drawing hobby. It takes from the style of eighties anime "Gall Force" basically girls in space battleships! I never grew up! $4.00 USD


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eg4fe   This is a basic 4" X 6" post card of a drawing I did and colored it in. I had the idea to draw this hover vehicle rear view, then I came up with the girl for the foreground. As you can see the frame is a little off center, I should have let the image bleed to the edges in that case. Scroll down for more...FGFD
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EAFAER J Here is the building progress for the ship. I started with just the ship, then I built the background around it. I was not sure if I would have people on it, but then I thought it would help to make the size of it recognizable. I also designed some hover stuff for a collage startup game. G BF
DGR F Here is progress on the girl in the foreground. As you can see with the pure pencil on the left, I had a whole different head design, which a friend told me the head looked too big so I decided to try again. I know, I should think for myself more, but anyway I am happy with the way it turned out. Frankly I never learned how to paint (or draw for that matter) so my work still looks amateur. Since I have eternity to improve I am taking it slow! Also I did notice the partial devil sign on the left hand, but I know I did not intend that, but it is a natural hand position. (Us Christian conspiracy types are hyper vigilant) G
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